Thursday, November 28, 2013

As is our tradition before the Thanksgiving meal, I read George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (this time the one from the Columbian Centinel, 1795), and then said the following prayer:

Dear God,

George Washington implored the nation to give thanks, but my heart is driven to ask for help instead, for I fear that you will soon take away the great and outstanding benefits you have given to us, due to our godlessness as a nation, and I perceive that you are taking them away already.

Washington mentioned our exemption from foreign war, but we are continually deployed overseas with no end in sight.

He mentions a happy course of public affairs in general, but we are continually threatened by religious zealots, who do not worship you in truth; half our population desires to be supported by the other half without contributing anything; we do not, in general, as a nation, understand our current blessings; we are increasingly a lawless nation, both on the part of the citizens and of the leaders; and many of our men are not men, but adult children, and many of our women are only vain.

Our constitution, which is there at least in part to preserve each man's property, is continually under assault by those that do not believe in private property. Much of our property is stolen from us to support worthless and lazy people, and to support the excesses of wicked politicians and corporations.

I perceive that we have become arrogant because of our prosperity and military might (but you are the commander of armies and the giver of all blessings). And we are increasingly given over to delusive and vain pursuits. Our entertainment and pleasure takes priority over all other things. We do abuse your blessings.

The truth is still available, but it is increasingly belittled and lies are typically louder and increasingly more prominent and believed among the people. Do not prevent the truth from being proclaimed, so that those that love and fear you can hear it and know it and rejoice in it.

I don't know what to do about this, other than to raise my children as best as I know how, and do what I know is right. Protect this family from the judgment to come, that will surely come if you do not grant this great nation repentance. Grant us repentance. Give to me the wisdom to know what to do, if anything other that what I am doing already.

Again, in times past, this has been a holiday of thanks, but I want to this day ask for your forgiveness and mercy, that this great nation would display the fruits of repentance.

But we still have plenty, as this table testifies, and thank you for that continued blessing, and continue to grant us these blessings.

I pray these things in the name of him that is the only reason anyone is ever afforded any mercy and forgiveness, or Lord Jesus Christ. May we be found in him. May we be his men and women. Please work in our hearts, that we may conduct our thoughts and actions according to his good pleasure.